Soccer Bundle

Kick it up a notch this season with our Soccer Bundle. Designed to provide unmatched foot and knee support, enhanced stimulation, and targeted relief during recovery, this expertly crafted bundle features the essential trio you need to excel in warm-ups, conditioning, and post-match recovery. Gear up with our Soccer Bundle and get ready to showcase your skills on the field with confidence and precision.

  • Foot Wrap: Provides essential stability and support for your feet during warm-ups, conditioning, and recovery. With adjustable straps and targeted compression, it reduces the risk of common foot injuries, ensuring you stay agile and confident both on and off the field.
  • Foot Stim Pads: Take your skills to new heights with these pads that provide precise stimulation for your feet and lower limbs. Boost circulation, activate muscles, and strengthen your feet for unmatched performance on the field.
  • AcuKnee Wrap: Safeguard and support your knees during intense matches and workouts. The adjustable straps, silicone conductive area, and moisture-wicking fabric offer compression and fast recovery, ensuring you stay in top shape.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.