Baseball / Football Bundle


Get the shoulder support and targeted stimulation for your fingers, hands, and elbows—whether you’re hitting home runs or slinging game-winning passes, this bundle delivers!

  • Shoulder Wrap: Our Shoulder Wrap provides targeted support and stimulation for your shoulders, promoting muscle activation and blood flow. Ideal for athletes looking to enhance their throwing and tackling abilities while reducing discomfort during the game.
  • AcuGloves: Take your grip and control to the next level with our AcuGloves. Featuring woven conductive fibers that provide comfort while effectively stimulating muscles throughout your hands, these gloves are perfect for athletes seeking improved ball control and catching skills.
  • AcuElbow Wrap: Support and protect your elbows with our AcuElbow Wrap. Whether you’re throwing a football or swinging a bat, this wrap offers compression and targeted stimulation to reduce strain and promote faster recovery.

Choose from three customizable options – whether you’re a seasoned HiDow Device owner or ready to upgrade to a wireless or wired device, we’ve got the perfect options to enhance your training and recovery.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.