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Check out our amazing featured bundles, including our XPD 12 + Heated Electrode Pad Bundle for only $185! This bundle includes the powerful XPD 12 and our premium Heated Electrode Pad Set with 2 Elastic Hold-in-Place Wraps and 3 extra (4-snap) Heated Electrode Pads, perfect for maximizing your pain relief and recovery experience.

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Ion Conductive Spray (new) $10.00
Condition: New. The bottle has slight deformities.
The Perfect Conductor Spray helps extend your pads' life and provides a boosted ion–enhanced sensation. Works great with all our premium accessories as well! The 100 ml/ 3.4 oz bottle contains no grease or oils and is water-based with ion conductivity used by professionals. Try it with the Socks and Gloves, AcuBelt, Pro Belt, and the AcuSlippers. It is also indispensable for all HiDow wraps: neck wrap, elbow wrap, wrist wrap, shoulder wrap, knee, and foot wraps.  
Lifetime Warranty VIP 50% OFF $25.00
Upgrade your HiDow Stim device's warranty to a carefree lifetime warranty and 20% off future orders on hidow.com! You can purchase it for a new device or any HiDow TENS/EMS device purchased within the last 2 years.
Only applies to electrical stim devices. Does not apply to other non-electrical stim devices such as percussion massage guns, shiatsu rollers, etc. 
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