Sciatica Care Bundle

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Introducing our Sciatica Relief Bundle, offering a multi-dimensional approach to treat sciatic nerve pain quickly and effectively. This bundle includes an XPD-12 TENS & EMS Device for targeted electro-stim therapy treatments that promote healing, as well as a Conductive Electrode AcuBelt for ease of use and to be worn on the go. Versatile and low profile, the AcuBelt may be worn under your clothes, during travel, at work, or while doing chores at home.

The combination of these two products is designed to reduce inflammation in the lower back, ease pressure on the sciatic nerve, and improve mobility. It’s time that you regain your ability to move and do the things that you love to do!

Use for: Muscle and nerve pain relief, muscle recovery and performance, chronic pain, mobility, and inflammation management.

Technology: TENS & EMS.

Recommended for:

  • Stronger Lower Back
  • Better Posture
  • Flexible Hips
  • Reduced Radiating Pain
  • Less Inflammation
  • Improved Mobility

If you are looking for the ultimate gift of relaxation, pain relief, muscle recovery, and performance, look no further: the Sciatica Care Bundle provides unmatched pain relief, convenience, and comfort at an incredible value.

A 2-year standard warranty is included for your device. Be sure to add an extended lifetime manufacturer warranty for just $25.

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