Heated Stim Belt

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Introducing our newest addition to the premium wireless device and accessory line-up: The HiDow Heated Belt 🔥! It combines bio-electric stimulation with heat in a discreet, compact, and versatile way. Wear it on the go, at work, while you travel, and no one will ever know. Snug, comfortable fit for hours of pain relief! Great for lower back and hip pain, as well as cramps. Time to say goodbye to thermal patches and use a natural, soothing, non-invasive pain relief, which may also help your muscles by stimulating and exercising them with no extra time.

Recommended application areas: lower back, abdomen, and hips.

Features Snapshot:

  • Unisex. Up to 46″ Waist.
  • Featherweight: only 6.4 oz! 🪶
  • Heats up immediately
  • 3 Heat levels
  • 7 E-Stim Modalities and 15 Intensity levels
  • Wireless (you are not tethered to a power source)
  • Easy to clean (wipe it after use, and you are good to go!)
  • Rechargeable

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