Elastic Hold-In-Place Wrap

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Our Elastic Wraps keep your HiDow electrode pads and wireless receivers in place during any dynamic or static movement. Use them at home, at the gym, at work, and discreetly under your clothes.

The Elastic Hold-In-Place Wrap gently conforms to your unique body type to support your HiDow on-demand pain & muscle relief while you’re busy living your life. It’s also secured with velcro fasteners to prevent any adhesion loss during movement.


  • Low profile (wear it under the clothes for discretion and all-day use).
  • May be used for wired and wireless devices, over pads, and receivers.
  • Elastic, breathable, and comfortable.
  • Perfect for limbs (arms and legs), as well as lower back and hips (use 2)
  • Built-in velcro adhesive allows for a secure and universal fit.
  • Combining it with the heated electrode pad provides heat-trapping for a longer-lasting healing session.

Dimensions (W x L): 4.7 inches x 28.3 inches / 12 cm x 72 cm

Tip: Use one for your limbs or combine two for lower back and hip use.